A Fresh Path

Social network #1 - a basic network under test

Social network #2 - complex social network under test

        This is an experimental site at the time being. It SHOULD be fully functional as is... YOU will help me find the flaws!


There is one basic rule... do not post anything that is in violation of United States law.
That's it for now. There will be a few minor things that come up but, other than making sure everything is within LEGAL bounds, there are no other rules!

The reason for this site is to provide people with a place where they can post just about ANYTHING and not be worried that they will be kicked off, put in jail, or otherwise censored!

You DO have the right to aviod being "offended". The way you do that is by blocking people who have offended you!

Can you report posts? Sure you can! And every post that is reported will be looked at to determine IF IT VIOLATES THE LAW. If the post does NOT appear to violate the law, IT STAYS! If it does seem to violate the law, then the appropriate agencies will be notified.

Right now, the site is  little limited but that will change as time goes by.

Please, try out EVERY function and let me know how things are working for you...

I now have two platforms under test:

The first one is here: http://www.afreshpath.com/ossn/

The second one is here: http://www.afreshpath.com/boone/