Starting over! Almost all was lost! Thank you Yahoo hosting!

Due to the fact that Yahoo hosting could never keep a reliable database connection, I have had to start from scratch here on my blog. I’ll try, over the course of time, to rebuild my posts but, no guarantees!


I did manage to rescue some of my posts but not all of the images.


Thank you readers!

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A “watergate” of my CB radio use today….

I am using a used Cobra 148GTL that I got off of Ebay…the radio is one of the older units and works GREAT! My antenna is an “inverted V” that I constructed out of an extension cord and have up a mast that’s made out of two painter’s extension poles and mounted on my balcony.

People I talked to were “178″ in Mount Vernon Washington, “887″ in British Columbia, and “Trapper 642″ in Colorado.

Have a listen!

Watergate of my radio traffic on 7-11-12


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Monitor Range…first look

Monitor Range of mountains seen from road on west side

Monitor Range

I just got back from a little exploration. This time, I went into the Monitor Range in the Toiyabe National Forest. On this trip, I made a very quick, two-day, look at the northern portion of the mountain range. As with all my posts, you can click the photo to get a larger version… Continue reading

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Before, during, and now…how Dany D. Dog is progressing!

I put this video together to show my fearful dog’s progress from just before I got her until now…it’s a slow process but with patience and a little help of a small dose of Prozac, we are getting there!

I almost gave up on her a couple of times…now, I’m very glad I didn’t!

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Working with a “fearful” dog…helping Dany D. Dog get used to air pistols and rifles

This will be an ongoing kind of subject since I adopted a rescued 2 year old Australian shepherd dog that turned out to be VERY fearful. I found Dany (Dany D. Dog) at the Northern Nevada Humane Society shelter here in Reno. At the time, there was no indication of a problem at all…she seemed perfectly fine and seemed fine for the rest of that day and the next…it was on the third day when the big trouble with her fear got started! I dropped the handle of the retractable leash and the nois scared Dany…she jumped and that caused more noise…that is when she took off like a shot trying to get away from the noisy thing following her. It took me about three minutes to get into a place where I could tackle her and get the situation under control. From that day, I have been dealing with the most fearful dog I have ever seen! Below is a short video I took of her soon after the leash incident… Continue reading

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I needed a camping buddy so….I have adopted Dany D. Dog!

It took some time for me to adjust after losing Lassie the beagle but the last week of July, I spent some time at the Northern Nevada Humane Society…the end result is that I brought Dany D. Dog home.


She is reported to be an Australian cattle dog and about 2 years old. What I had no clue of when I met her at the shelter was that she had some serious generalized fear issues. That particular thing manifested the third day I had her and I have been working on helping Dany deal with life in general ever since.

Here is a short video of how she was when I first got her…you’ll notice that she is two different dogs depending on whether she is on a leash or not…

You can find a facebook page dedicated to Dany’s progress at Dany D. Dog

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New user registration is suspended for the time being…

There was someone attempting to either massive spam the blog or maybe gain administrator or “author” access. This person was registering hundreds of bogus “users” every day for a good long time…I won’t just let such tactics go on for long before I take some sort of action. The action I took was the simplest by just disabling new user registrations.

If you are a reader and want to be a user/subscriber so you can get updates or post comments, just send me an email with your name, requested user name, email address you want to use, and a URL to your web site if you have one…I’ll add you in unless I feel you might be a spammer.

Thank you all,


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Some recent critters seen on and around Dogskin mountain near Reno

I have been out and about locally here in Northern Nevada quite a bit lately. I see all sorts of wildlife on almost every outing and thought I would share some of the photos I managed to get with you.

First of all, continuing my rabbit hunting post in a way…we have both cottontail rabbits and blacktail jackrabbits in my area. It is good to know the difference since the cottontail are a small game animal and there is a season on them. The blacktail jackrabbit can be hunted year round, no limit, and no license required as they are an “unprotected” species…

Here is a cottontail:


Cotton tail rabbit picture

Notice that the Cottontail has fairly short ears and is overall a compact bunny.


Now for a blacktail jackrabbit:


Picture of a blacktail jackrabbit

The blacktail jackrabbit...see the body and ear differences?


As you can see, the differences are fairly pronounced but in the heat of the moment, those differences may not register right away…know your game animals before you go out to actually hunt.

Now, here are a couple of more critters….enjoy!

photo of a Nevada pronghorn antelope

Pronghorn antelope near Reno Nevada


photo of a wild horse with her colt

Wild mare and her colt


photo of a wild horse near Reno Nevada

One last wild horse came by and posed for me.

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My method for hunting Blacktail jackrabbits! I don’t own a firearm but I got an air rifle!

There is a video at the end of this post but first, some background.

When I first tried to hunt these jackrabbits, all I usually saw was ears and a rear end in afterburner mode heading to the next county. When all you have is an air rifle, those shots are next to impossible.

I knew there had to be a better way! So, one day I decided to just try still hunting. It works very well for deer and squirrel and I had nothing to lose.

There are two methods that are both called “still hunting”. One method is to take one small step, stop, look carefully all around, then repeat. This is the method I tried first and within a short time, I was bagging blacktail jacks that often hopped right up to me! Well, to within a few yards anyway.

Later on, I found an area with a lot of rabbit sign, droppings and trails everywhere I looked, and a hill that would give me a good view. At that location, I decided to try just sitting on the hill to see what happened. Sure enough, it wasn’t long until I was again bagging jackrabbits!

I told others. I took still photos. Then I decided to make a video…WOW! I had no idea what I was getting into. The result is the 11 minutes of video that has some “how to” in it and lots of jackrabbit action! Enjoy!

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Economic conditions keeping me close to home

I promised at the beginning that this would only be an outdoor blog with little or no political content. Right now, mostly because of U.S. policy on energy, fuel prices are so high that I am unable to take trips out of the area. Continue reading

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