Mustang adoption project! free chat online New Zealand As part of my transition to living on my remote property, I’ve decided to get moving on something important to me. Helping mustangs/wild horses that have been rounded up by BLM find homes! vendita farmaci online The following is copied from another of my blogs:

Mustang adoptions

Mustang horse adoption

Mustangs, wild horses, of the Granite range of Nevada
Mustangs of the Granite Range in Nevada dating Australia The North American Mustang, wild horse, is in danger of being protected to death. Ever since the federal government was placed in charge of the “management” of the wild horse herds,  and the traditional management by ranchers outlawed, their welfare has been increasingly endangered. Herd populations have been showing the devastating effects from the spread of disease, starvation, and overpopulation.

The major problem for mustangs (wild horses)

partnersuche ohne registrierung BLM, the agency charged with overseeing the mustang, wild horse, herds does the best that any federal bureaucracy can do. Their main form of management is periodic gathers, roundups, of herds to thin a farmacie online certificate population that doubles every four years. seriösa dejtingsajter This practice does thin the herds out in the wild but, it introduces a new problem. What to do with the horses that were rounded up and culled from the wild horse herds? site de rencontre sans inscription Early on, the BLM tried using a method of first putting the mustangs, wild horses, up for adoption and if the horse found a home with an adopter, all was good. If the horse did not get adopted for an extended period of time, then it would be offered for sale to the highest bidder. Some horses found homes through this process but many of them were bought by slaughter houses to be used for pet food and other products through the rendering process.

partnerbörse kostenlos seriös Understandably, those who love our mustangs, wild horses, raised an uproar over the idea that some of them would end up at slaughter. However, most of these kindhearted people are unable to adopt a horse on their own and don’t know what else they can do to help. sites de rencontre entièrement gratuits The BLM changed the rules so that mustangs, wild horses, would no longer be sold to anyone who might end up killing the horse.

Now, mustangs are kept in long term holding until they can be adopted or they die of old age. Really. It’s much worse for the mustang to be kept penned up and warehoused like that but, that’s what is happening.

Wild horses waiting to be adopted
Horses in holding waiting to be adopted

Why aren’t people adopting mustangs (wild horses)?

Think about it a bit. Would you want a 1,000 pound wild animal that is absolutely terrified of you at your home? A huge, wild, animal that sees YOU as a deadly enemy and WILL try to defend itself by kicking, striking, biting, every time you got near to it?

You might if you have a few hundred acres of land that you could simply turn the  horse out on so it could be relatively free and you can afford to feed it but, if you want a horse you can interact with or even ride, that is NOT an attractive proposition.

What’s the answer?

That is a multifaceted question! There is NO simple “just do this” answer to all the problems facing our mustang, wild horse, herds. However, there are things that can be done to help reduce the problems.

A couple of non-profit groups have bought up large tracts of land to place mustangs onto. These wild horses are carefully managed to ensure that their herds don’t multiply. All male mustangs are gelded. That is a GOOD thing for those places.

Another non-profit organization, the Mustang Heritage Foundation, is focused on getting our mustangs (wild horses) adopted to people who will gentle and train the horses so that they have a happy domesticated life.

Here is where we come in to help our mustangs (wild horses)!

High Desert Heirloom is a “for profit”, private, corporation. We intend to do our part in finding good homes for mustangs (wild horses) through the process of gentling and training them so that people who are looking for a horse for personal use will feel comfortable adopting one of these wonderful animals!

We’ll be joining the Mustang Heritage Foundation’s “Trainer Incentive Program“. The purpose of the program is to provide initial gentling and training for mustangs, wild horses, so that they will be more attractive to potential adopters. Once gentled, the horses are made available for adoption. The fee to adopt these horses is just $150!

Why would anyone want a mustang?

That’s a legitimate question! Mustangs have no “lineage” like breeds such as Arabs, Thoroughbreds, Morgans, etc… They are not “purpose bred” but are bred in nature through natural selection. The mustangs we have now have a large percentage of the original Spanish horses but, through the years, other breeds such as draft breeds have also been introduced. So, many people do not see the, or any, advantage to owning a mustang.

However, mustangs, wild horses, HAVE managed to breed for the best qualities needed to survive on their own in the wilderness! Only the best of stallions manage to gather a herd of mares because the mares simply will not allow a lesser stallion to breed with them.

As a result of this natural selection breeding, mustangs have developed into a super tough breed that can not just live but THRIVE in even the harshest environments.

A mustang, once gentled, becomes one of the most reliable, easy maintenance, high endurance mounts around. They are highly intelligent and will readily take on any task asked of them. Ranchers used to love going out to a wild herd of mustangs and round up horses for ranch work because they knew that once they got that horse trained, it would fearlessly do whatever they asked of it.

Mustangs can also easily be trained for trail riding, back country pack work, dressage, hunter-jumper, reigning, and even rodeo roping events. About the only thing Mustangs won’t be able to excel at is racing.

So many people are looking for good, solid, reliable horses but simply do not know that mustangs posses those qualities. Our goal is to change that. Through our gentling program and our efforts at publicity, we hope to get at least a dozen horses (possibly as many as 48!) per year adopted.

Please consider donating what you can to our effort! All donors who contribute $25 or more will receive exclusive training videos produced by us! There are two ways to donate. Either through my GoFundMe campaign or using the paypal donate option below.

If you’re unable to donate, please spread the word by sharing this blog post!

Mustangs of the granite Range in Nevada
Mustangs of the Granite range in Nevada
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Horseback riding.

As my readers might be aware, I bought 80 acres of high desert scrub outside of Winnemucca Nevada. From the beginning, I planned on moving out to that property to retire.


Well, “retirement” day might be coming sooner than I expected!

Anyway, I’ve started getting back into horseback riding as part of my preparation. Horses will be a main mode of transportation once I get moved. My plan is to first get a couple of mustangs that have been trained through the prison program then start gentling/training mustangs right out of BLM holding so those can be adopted more easily.

Well, I’ve been taking lessons and yesterday, I went on a group trail ride. There were 10 riders in all. Two were riding mules. I was on an older paint gelding.


Here we are starting out:


Starting our ride

We eventually branched off the road onto the desert landscape:

_DSC9048  _DSC9048

There were six dogs along for the ride too! Dany D. Rottendog was happy until she got tired!

_DSC9069 _DSC9049 _DSC9062  _DSC9065

Thanks for reading!

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Doing a bit of “revamp”!

I got off of the purpose of my blog here for a time. That is changing! I’m getting back into my wilderness photography soon and will be adding in the aspect of doing things from horseback.

I’m still working toward getting settled on the property I bought in north central Nevada so, you’ll be seeing a lot of posts having to do with that.

Please accept my apology for starting to “commercialize” this blog! There is no excuse! I have other blogs to do that on!

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More of why X-Plane 10 flight simulator still sucks ass!

Laminar research now has an update from version 10.31 to 10.32. I had hoped that the update would fix some serious operational flaws…. it DOESN’T!

Let me explain.

Depending on which airport you want to simulate a flight out of, the ATC may or may not EVER give you clearance to take off. If you remove ALL OTHER aircraft in your situation, you have a much better chance of ever getting clearance to take to the runway and take off. That’s problem #1.

Once you manage to take off, you just might be directed to fly UNDERGROUND! I don’t mean fly in a stealthy fashion either! Oh, no, I mean quite literally UNDER THE SURFACE OF THE GROUND! That’s right, I took off from Reno International that sits at an elevation 0f 4,015 feet and was told to descend to an elevation of 1,000 feet!

Of course, the very second you leave the ground of the runway, you are also IMMEDIATELY “off course” and the ATC will tell you that every two seconds until you manage to get PERFECTLY aligned with your planned course.

So, even though X-Plane has the best coding to run on modern hardware and has the best flight dynamics, it has NOTHING ELSE that is native to the program that’s worth much. Yes, it does have autogen scenery that is much better than the autoge scenery of either FSX or Prepar3d but that isn’t saying a whole lot.

You MUST find addons for everything from basic scenery to airports and even to towns and cities if you want anything close to an immersive experience simulating a flight.

Count on HOURS UPON HOURS of downloading additional scenery files and adding those to your custom scenery folder.


Forget any possibility of using the native ATC as it quite simply is worse than useless! I have found exactly ONE addon ATC program and it is 100% voice activated so and is payware.


Would I reccomend other people go out and buy X-Plane right now… NOT A DAMN CHANCE! Go get FSX (There is a Steam version now) or, if you want to learn more about flight, the academic license for Prepar3d! Yeah, they both depend almost totally on CPU power and won’t take much advantage of your heavy duty video graphics cards but, at least you can USE them with much less frustration and the airports actually HAVE BUILDINGS!


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Flight simulator X-Plane… impressions and thoughts

First things first… X-Plane is a GOOD flight simulator. In my honest opinion, for simulating flight, X-Plane by Laminar Research is huge leaps and bounds beyond any of the Microsoft simulator packages and that of Prepar3d by Lockheed Martin.


Now, before you get all excited and go making a purchase, there are things you need to be aware of:

  1.  X-Plane comes on 8 DVD disks and takes one hell of a long time to install. This is because of the more highly detailed terrain scenery.
  2.  You will find exactly TWO airports that have ANY buildings. Both of these are in the Seattle area and are used for the demo of X-Plane. No other airports in the world have buildings…just runways, ramps, and taxiways.
  3.  Initial setup takes time and attention to detail! You’ll find that this process can be daunting at first but, it’s worth the effort
  4.  X-Plane scenery is 100% stuck in summer. You won’t find that it changes according to time of year like Flight Simulator X or Prepar3d do.
  5.  Cities are auto-generated and DO NOT look anything like what you would expect them to…not one little bit.
  6.  The camera that provides your various views is a bit of a pain in the ass to use. There is no facility to assign a joystick button to cycle through views either so, you’re stuck with using a keyboard “hotkey” assignment.
  7.  The native ATC is almost useless. In fact, I’ll just go ahead and call it useless since it’s so difficult to use without constant errors anyway. You’ll be “off course” through most of an IFR flight which is the ONLY kind of flight that the ATC will let you use. At present, I can’t find ANY good ATC addon for X-Plane unless you want to go online and fly that way.
  8.  X-Plane does a much better job of simulating EVERY environmental and aircraft variable and the effect it has on your flight. Don’t try to taxi behind a 757 in a light aircraft!
  9.  To get X-Plane configured and modified so that you’re really happy with it will take many hours and days. I’m not fully there yet and I’ve been working on it several hours per day for the last week and I am certain I’ll be working on it more from time to time. Right now, I’m trying to get seasons to change and get PAPI lights to work at runways that have them.

Now for the good news:

The default terrain scenery that comes with X-Plane is so much better than anything Flight Simulator X or Prepar3d has to offer that it almost makes those two flight simulator programs laughable but it’s not the best yet. There is a site called where you can find FREE addon scenery and aircraft. You’ll find there is a TON of it! I spent many hours downloading high resolution terrain scenery for all of North America. It’s pretty easy to install too.

There are lots of addon airport scenery that will put buildings at airports and they seem to be very well designed. The whole world isn’t covered yet but, you will be surprised at how many large, medium, and small airports are covered.

As for cities and towns, there are quite a few addon scenery packages for many of those too…not all, just some.

Bottom line is that I would NOT suggest X-Plane for anyone’s first flight simulator! However, after spending time with Flight Simulator X or Prepar3d, X-Plane is a good and very interesting upgrade. You’ll be frustrated at first with the setup…then you’ll start adding scenery and becoming more satisfied as you see the changes.


Oh, as for that “stuck in summer” thing, I’m trying to get another free addon to work that is supposed to switch seasons according to month and temperature…we’ll see.

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Land I looked at

I tried to post this yesterday but, had problems with the images. These are slightly reduced in size…OK, a LOT reduced… from 6,000X4,000 to 3,000X2,000.

To see the full sized image, just click on it and you’ll go to just the image where you’ll be able to see it full sized. To get back here, just use the “back” button of your browser.


Views from the property:

looking_northeast_001looking_south looking_west

Views of the property itself:


Small game trails like this are all over the property.


Jackrabbits abound!

jackrabbit looking_from_ne_to_southwest southeast_corner

The native rock is mostly volcanic. There is also some sedimentary rock to be found on the surface.


The land slopes from the south down northwards. The slope is pretty gentle but there are hills and gullies you won’t find on the USGS topo maps. I saw a couple of spots that would be good for a pond dam if the soil will allow for water containment.

From the appearance of the vegetation, and the surface rock, I don’t think the useable water table would be too deep to reach with an affordable well. That’s ONLY my non-expert opinion though. I could easily be wrong.

Access to the property is not terrible but, for the last mile of travel, I would suggest a high clearance vehicle with 4X4 capability until a good road surface can be managed. Up until the main road turns in to the ranch property to the east, the road is pretty good. After that, it is a seldom traveled “two-track”.


Here is the road:


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Starting over! Almost all was lost! Thank you Yahoo hosting!

Due to the fact that Yahoo hosting could never keep a reliable database connection, I have had to start from scratch here on my blog. I’ll try, over the course of time, to rebuild my posts but, no guarantees!


I did manage to rescue some of my posts but not all of the images.


Thank you readers!

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A “watergate” of my CB radio use today….

I am using a used Cobra 148GTL that I got off of Ebay…the radio is one of the older units and works GREAT! My antenna is an “inverted V” that I constructed out of an extension cord and have up a mast that’s made out of two painter’s extension poles and mounted on my balcony.

People I talked to were “178” in Mount Vernon Washington, “887” in British Columbia, and “Trapper 642” in Colorado.

Have a listen!

Watergate of my radio traffic on 7-11-12


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Monitor Range…first look

Monitor Range of mountains seen from road on west side

Monitor Range

I just got back from a little exploration. This time, I went into the Monitor Range in the Toiyabe National Forest. On this trip, I made a very quick, two-day, look at the northern portion of the mountain range. As with all my posts, you can click the photo to get a larger version… Continue reading

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Before, during, and now…how Dany D. Dog is progressing!

I put this video together to show my fearful dog’s progress from just before I got her until now…it’s a slow process but with patience and a little help of a small dose of Prozac, we are getting there!

I almost gave up on her a couple of times…now, I’m very glad I didn’t!

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