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Mustang adoption project!

As part of my transition to living on my remote property, I’ve decided to get moving on something important to me. Helping mustangs/wild horses that have been rounded up by BLM find homes! The following is copied from another of … Continue reading

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Horseback riding.

As my readers might be aware, I bought 80 acres of high desert scrub outside of Winnemucca Nevada. From the beginning, I planned on moving out to that property to retire.   Well, “retirement” day might be coming sooner than … Continue reading

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Doing a bit of “revamp”!

I got off of the purpose of my blog here for a time. That is changing! I’m getting back into my wilderness photography soon and will be adding in the aspect of doing things from horseback. I’m still working toward … Continue reading

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More of why X-Plane 10 flight simulator still sucks ass!

Laminar research now has an update from version 10.31 to 10.32. I had hoped that the update would fix some serious operational flaws…. it DOESN’T! Let me explain. Depending on which airport you want to simulate a flight out of, … Continue reading

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Flight simulator X-Plane… impressions and thoughts

First things first… X-Plane is a GOOD flight simulator. In my honest opinion, for simulating flight, X-Plane by Laminar Research is huge leaps and bounds beyond any of the Microsoft simulator packages and that of Prepar3d by Lockheed Martin.   … Continue reading

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Land I looked at

I tried to post this yesterday but, had problems with the images. These are slightly reduced in size…OK, a LOT reduced… from 6,000X4,000 to 3,000X2,000. To see the full sized image, just click on it and you’ll go to just … Continue reading

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Starting over! Almost all was lost! Thank you Yahoo hosting!

Due to the fact that Yahoo hosting could never keep a reliable database connection, I have had to start from scratch here on my blog. I’ll try, over the course of time, to rebuild my posts but, no guarantees!   … Continue reading

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A “watergate” of my CB radio use today….

I am using a used Cobra 148GTL that I got off of Ebay…the radio is one of the older units and works GREAT! My antenna is an “inverted V” that I constructed out of an extension cord and have up … Continue reading

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Monitor Range…first look

This time, I went into the Monitor Range in the Toiyabe National Forest Continue reading

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Before, during, and now…how Dany D. Dog is progressing!

I put this video together to show my fearful dog’s progress from just before I got her until now…it’s a slow process but with patience and a little help of a small dose of Prozac, we are getting there! I … Continue reading

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