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Doing a bit of “revamp”!

I got off of the purpose of my blog here for a time. That is changing! I’m getting back into my wilderness photography soon and will be adding in the aspect of doing things from horseback. I’m still working toward … Continue reading

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More of why X-Plane 10 flight simulator still sucks ass!

Laminar research now has an update from version 10.31 to 10.32. I had hoped that the update would fix some serious operational flaws…. it DOESN’T! Let me explain. Depending on which airport you want to simulate a flight out of, … Continue reading

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Land I looked at

I tried to post this yesterday but, had problems with the images. These are slightly reduced in size…OK, a LOT reduced… from 6,000X4,000 to 3,000X2,000. To see the full sized image, just click on it and you’ll go to just … Continue reading

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Starting over! Almost all was lost! Thank you Yahoo hosting!

Due to the fact that Yahoo hosting could never keep a reliable database connection, I have had to start from scratch here on my blog. I’ll try, over the course of time, to rebuild my posts but, no guarantees!   … Continue reading

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Encounters with wild predators increasing in California and elsewhere

Cougar, bobcat, coyote, and bear encounters with humans are on the increase. Here is some advice to help you stay safe if you find yourself in the presence of one of those predators. Continue reading

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Second Amendment of the U.S. constitution under direct attack

Once again, the domestic enemies of freedom are attacking the Second Amendment. H.R. 45 has been introduced and would require every firearms owner in the United States to obtain a federal license. You can read about H.R. 45 here. This … Continue reading

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“Outdoors in Nevada 2009” calendar is now on sale

I decided to look through the photos from this past year and publish a 2009 calendar. These are all photos from the Nevada wilderness. The income from this effort will help keep me busy bringing you information and photos from … Continue reading

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American Flat Canyon

American Flat Canyon is located in the Seven Troughs mountain range several miles outside of Lovelock Nevada. This area was heavily mined in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. There are still quite a few mining claims in the area, … Continue reading

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Looking for local sponsors

Well, it has come down to a question of $$$! Right now, I can still afford the occasional trip and will do so no matter what unless the financial situation gets completely out of hand. I just love doing this … Continue reading

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Nevada public land access under attack

As a lover of wilderness areas, this article has proven to be very difficult to write. A well meaning but misguided group, Friends of Nevada Wilderness, has recently made the news in Nevada over an attempt to designate huge tracts … Continue reading

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