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Once in a while, I will post general advice. This is for everyone. Some things you may already know but I never assume that everyone knows it.

My method for hunting Blacktail jackrabbits! I don’t own a firearm but I got an air rifle!

There is a video at the end of this post but first, some background. When I first tried to hunt these jackrabbits, all I usually saw was ears and a rear end in afterburner mode heading to the next county. … Continue reading

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Encounters with wild predators increasing in California and elsewhere

Cougar, bobcat, coyote, and bear encounters with humans are on the increase. Here is some advice to help you stay safe if you find yourself in the presence of one of those predators. Continue reading

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Foxpro Spitfire wildlife call review second look!

OK, I sent my Spitfire in to Foxpro for update / repair and got it back not too long ago. I have been playing around with it since it cam back and I can tell you that the new / … Continue reading

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FoxPro Spitfire electronic predator call…some good…some not so good

I received my new Spitfire predator call on Wednesday of this week and went right to work playing around with it. I wanted to be able to present a good review of this new $200 remote controlled call. What you … Continue reading

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Suburban coyotes pose threat to pets and small children

As fall and winter approach, people are seeing more and more coyotes prowling suburban, and sometimes even city, neighborhoods. These animals are one of the most adaptable in the US and they are predators. The advice given here is meant … Continue reading

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Wildfire – Prevent it…survive it!

Anyone in the Reno area or even quite a ways east of Reno is well aware of the smoke being generated by over 800 lightning caused fires in California. Yep, in just one weekend of small thunder storms, lightning started … Continue reading

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Rain = wildfire???

If you live in Nevada, you know well that we have had a really good spring rain over the Memorial day weekend. In fact, it is still comming down in isolated showers and thunderstorms as I write this. We certainly … Continue reading

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Lost in the wilderness is not a good option.

Using my own experience and a few photos, I will try to give you the basics of finding your way around just about any wilderness environment found in Northern Nevada and California.

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Wilderness novice is a true hero

Today, the news of a father, Frederick Dominguez, and his three children being rescued from a northern California forest was in the major news. Apparently, the father wanted to give his kids a fun outing to cut a fresh tree … Continue reading

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The common campfire

Fire has been the friend of mankind and also the worst enemy. Those of us who love to camp in the wilderness almost always want to have a campfire. There is a very real sense of comfort that we derive … Continue reading

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