Cass Creek MX3 Predator call – the final word

Since my last test of the basic functions of the Cass Creek MX3 Predator call, I have had the chance to make about a dozen stands using it in areas with high coyote populations.

The range and volume of the call are still on target depending largely on the remaining charge in the batteries. As batteries in either the remote control or speaker lose charge, the range of the remote and the volume of the speakers does decline a bit. Nothing real dramatic but you should be aware of it.

On most stands, using any of the available sounds got a very vocal response from the resident coyote crowd! I never once was able to entice one to come within camera range though. All I got was coyotes barking and howling.

The call did bring in crows, magpies, and a hawk. This usually happened when I had the volume set to mid range or lower.

One a couple of stands, the speaker just simply stopped responding to the remote. To get things back in operation, I had to turn the speaker off then back on resulting in a reset of the system. No big deal if you are quitting the stand anyway but would be a serious pain if you had just started the stand or were in the middle of enticing a coyote within range.

The bottom line here? I just can’t suggest that anyone with only $60 to spend on equipment go out and buy the Cass Creek Nomad MX3. You would be much better off using that cash on mouth calls and camo. If you do have the $60 or so to toss in and play around, then the Cass Creek Nomad MX3 may be fun.

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