Monitor Range…first look

Monitor Range of mountains seen from road on west side

Monitor Range

I just got back from a little exploration. This time, I went into the Monitor Range in the Toiyabe National Forest. On this trip, I made a very quick, two-day, look at the northern portion of the mountain range. As with all my posts, you can click the photo to get a larger version…

Here is a map of where I went and the route I traveled:


My route to and through the Monitor Range

Map of where I went in the Monitor Range

The red route is where I drove. The little blue lines off of that route is where I got out for a little hike. This is just the northern portion of the mountain range and really, just a sampling of all there is to explore. There are tons of roads that branch off of the main forest service roads and all are open unless marked otherwise as far as I know.

I decided to pull my little trailer on this trip and that was probably a mistake! As I drove further into the range, and gained in altitude, the road got steeper and starting at just over 7000 feet, there were patches of snow still on the road. The Bronco struggled but eventually, I made it to a very nice camping spot that others had cleared:

Camp in the Monitor Range

My camp


It was in a nice stand of aspen trees, right beside the little stream. The thing that made this perfect for me on this trip was the large parking spot across the road! I could back the trailer in and have plenty of room to un-hook!

I arrived at about 1PM on Tuesday. Setting up only took about another hour and then it was time for Dany D. Dog and I to go explore! Just a short drive up the road and there is a side road. Not knowing the condition of the road, Dany and I took a little hike. As we topped the first ridge, the next canyon opened up:

The view from the ridge

View, looking west, from the ridge


It was a nice looking place and I could see that I could have driven the road…it just kept going but, after a mile, I turned back. There is so much more to see!

Dany D. Dog, of course, found every patch of snow to play in…

Dany D. Dog playing in the snow

Dany D. Dog thinks snow is the best stuff ever.


As I drove the main forest service road, NF004, I would stop from time to time to get out and walk a trail or into a canyon. I was looking for the local critter populations. It was quite a long time before I saw any deer tracks but the rodent crew was everywhere. I never got one to hold still long enough for a picture though.

Many of the canyons are quite rugged and the rock formations are always nice to see and examine:

One of the many canyons easy to find in the Monitor Range

A canyon I walked into



That little bit of exploring took up most of what was left of the day so Dany D. Dog and I went back to camp. The next day, I made a “round trip of it, taking the road NF004 all the way across to the eastern side of the range and then taking NF025 back to the western side…


Rock formation in the Monitor Range

Just a sample of the rugged country you can find.

On that trip, at least I found a few deer tracks at about the 8200 foot level. It’s not much but, at least I know the deer are there. In fact, if I had spent more time in the area, I would have set up a blind and just waited…but that was not to be.

By the time Dany D. Dog and I made it back to camp, the wind had come up and it looked like nasty weather was blowing in from the west. After taking time to eat a bit and rest a little, I packed up the camp and we headed for home.


Warming up by my small campfire

A small fire is all I need to warm up a bit…

It was on the trip back that I saw the most wildlife to photograph! Enjoy!

Grouse by the road:

Sage Grouse

Just beside the road…

sage grouse

Second shot of the sage grouse

Pronghorn antelope…there is a big one there for you antelope hunters!

nevada's pronghorn antelope

four very nice pronghorn antelope


Last, but not least, the horses that inhabit most of Nevada.

Nevada's wild horses

Mustangs on the range

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3 Responses to Monitor Range…first look

  1. linda says:

    Im glad Dany D dog is doing very well she is a very pretty dog

  2. Greg Ekins says:

    Hello, I read your post about your trip to the monitor range, how exciting. I noticed you had spotted some Antelope. I currently have a tag in that hunt unit and was wondering if you have any tips for finding lopes in that area. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you,
    Greg Ekins

    • admin says:

      Hi Greg, the only “advice” I can offer with your hunt is to scout from above looking into the valleys. Take your stalk seriously and fairly slowly. If you have the time, scout to observe daily travel patterns so you can set up on a stand but, do NOT think the antelope won’t notice if you erect a blind…they will… no matter how well camouflaged it is! those critters have eyesight that is simply unreal.

      Good luck on your hunt!

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