More of why X-Plane 10 flight simulator still sucks ass!

Laminar research now has an update from version 10.31 to 10.32. I had hoped that the update would fix some serious operational flaws…. it DOESN’T!

Let me explain.

Depending on which airport you want to simulate a flight out of, the ATC may or may not EVER give you clearance to take off. If you remove ALL OTHER aircraft in your situation, you have a much better chance of ever getting clearance to take to the runway and take off. That’s problem #1.

Once you manage to take off, you just might be directed to fly UNDERGROUND! I don’t mean fly in a stealthy fashion either! Oh, no, I mean quite literally UNDER THE SURFACE OF THE GROUND! That’s right, I took off from Reno International that sits at an elevation 0f 4,015 feet and was told to descend to an elevation of 1,000 feet!

Of course, the very second you leave the ground of the runway, you are also IMMEDIATELY “off course” and the ATC will tell you that every two seconds until you manage to get PERFECTLY aligned with your planned course.

So, even though X-Plane has the best coding to run on modern hardware and has the best flight dynamics, it has NOTHING ELSE that is native to the program that’s worth much. Yes, it does have autogen scenery that is much better than the autoge scenery of either FSX or Prepar3d but that isn’t saying a whole lot.

You MUST find addons for everything from basic scenery to airports and even to towns and cities if you want anything close to an immersive experience simulating a flight.

Count on HOURS UPON HOURS of downloading additional scenery files and adding those to your custom scenery folder.


Forget any possibility of using the native ATC as it quite simply is worse than useless! I have found exactly ONE addon ATC program and it is 100% voice activated so and is payware.


Would I reccomend other people go out and buy X-Plane right now… NOT A DAMN CHANCE! Go get FSX (There is a Steam version now) or, if you want to learn more about flight, the academic license for Prepar3d! Yeah, they both depend almost totally on CPU power and won’t take much advantage of your heavy duty video graphics cards but, at least you can USE them with much less frustration and the airports actually HAVE BUILDINGS!


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6 Responses to More of why X-Plane 10 flight simulator still sucks ass!

  1. Tony Uhrlaub says:

    I felt compelled, to also leave comments on X plane 10. This is without a doubt the worst flight simulator I have ever put my hands on. I know that comment may be challenged but let me add to with the original poster has said. I have used both flight simulator X and prepare 3-D. I recently got a copy of X plane 10. First of all X planes 3-D cockpit is worthless, you cannot push the panel forward or push the panel back you cannot adjust your seat up or adjust your seat down, at least I could not find a way to do it. The joystick axis is were constantly reversed and when I corrected them they would not stay corrected. My eight position hat on my joystick to switch views would not set up correctly. And there was no way to cycle through views with one button. When I flew out of my local airport which was Reno international the city looked nothing like the city I live in granted there’s casinos here but not one of him was rendered on the stock scenery supplied with the program. The aircraft were difficult to control even if they did have a better flight model the ones in prepar 3-D, fly much better. It was a waste of $60 in my opinion and I can find nothing good about it I’ve removed it from my computer and will go back to the ones that in my opinion work the best.

    • admin says:

      Yeah, X Plane is clunky at best. the actual flight dynamics MIGHT be better but, I’m not a real life aviator so I wouldn’t be able to tell one way or another. As for scenery… yeah, you can get up-to-date HD scenery and it STILL ISN’T REALISTIC OR CORRECT! Concerning the controls, you have to set up controls for EVERY AIRPLANE you fly and then, those settings tend to be dropped out randomly.

      P3D is Microsoft Flight Simulator. Lockheed simply bought it and then did a few (very few) tweaks to it and re-released it under the new name.

  2. Nick says:

    Its like Austin is doing his own thing and everybody can go get F*!#ED!

    ATC is a joke!

    AI traffic is a joke!

    VFR Scenery is a joke!

    Flight physics are great!

    Procedures are a huge part of flying and and Austin has simply overlooked that.
    Before anyone gets excited I hold a CPL(H), and yes I am aware of VATSIM and scenery addons, but why pay full price for a half baked product…..

    X-Plane has great potential but its 2016 and we are still waiting.

  3. BB the Kitty says:

    I am a real-world pilot and the ATC has NOTHING to do with real-world flying. ATC sucks. Can’t fly an instrument approach. Hell, can’t file a flight plan at ALL in 10.5.1

    I’ve been begging Meyer to fix it ever since I bought the fucking thing and he just told me to go fuck myself. Anyone who wants to see the email, let me know and I’ll share it. Meyer is a thief.

  4. Emmanuel Bassey says:

    I am in agreement with all the previous posts about the problems of X-Plane 10. I have never been so disillusioned with a flight simulator in my entire flight sim career since 1998. I have used DID’s Total Air War, all the Microsoft Flight Simulators ( 98 to FSX), DCS, Falcon 2.0 and very recently Aerofly FS 2. So I am quite experienced with these things. X-Plane is just too bad. It will not just run on my Windows 10 OS. Previously I thought the problem was the addons but even when they were removed, the simulator kept crashing my system whereas every other simulation game I have runs perfectly well. I feel so terrible that I have made up my mind not to even look at the so called X-Plane 11 that is due out soon. I will not buy it for any reason in the world. That is my level of disappointment with Laminar Research. Thanks be to God that I have Aerofly FS with an immersive graphics and scenery and of course the good old FSX.

    • BB the Kitty says:

      Sadly, there isn’t shit available for the Mac, and Meyer knows that. That’s why he can put out shit and idiots like me, grounded by the curse of age and needing an outlet for my flight jones, and get away with it. Austin Meyer is a fuckhead.

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