Horseback riding.

As my readers might be aware, I bought 80 acres of high desert scrub outside of Winnemucca Nevada. From the beginning, I planned on moving out to that property to retire.


Well, “retirement” day might be coming sooner than I expected!

Anyway, I’ve started getting back into horseback riding as part of my preparation. Horses will be a main mode of transportation once I get moved. My plan is to first get a couple of mustangs that have been trained through the prison program then start gentling/training mustangs right out of BLM holding so those can be adopted more easily.

Well, I’ve been taking lessons and yesterday, I went on a group trail ride. There were 10 riders in all. Two were riding mules. I was on an older paint gelding.


Here we are starting out:


Starting our ride

We eventually branched off the road onto the desert landscape:

_DSC9048  _DSC9048

There were six dogs along for the ride too! Dany D. Rottendog was happy until she got tired!

_DSC9069 _DSC9049 _DSC9062  _DSC9065

Thanks for reading!

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